6 Ways to Incorporate an Instagram Moment Into Your Next Event


Looking for ways to incorporate an Instagram moment into your next event? We have you covered!

Many brands have made it a top priority to feature Instagram moments at their events.  These installations are unique elements that instantly draw the attention of guests and their followers on the platform. 

Creating a stunning photo moment provides guests with a reason to show off your brand via their social media platforms.

As you design your next event, keep these ideas in mind for creating an irresistible, Instagram moment.


Make it Selfie Optimized

Over the past several years, social media content has strongly trended towards people posting photos of themselves on their accounts rather than photos of places and things. The best thing you can do is unite the desire for “selfie” content and your own need for brand promotion by strategically using a branded photo moment at your next event. You can create a custom selfie station or photo moment through a variety of ways – from fresh floral walls to branded step and repeats. A successful selfie station will immediately encourage guests to stop, snap and share! You can either create an event photo backdrop that encourages guests to take their own photos or you can provide a full selfie station photo booth that provides the photos for your guests. 


photo credit: B Floral

Use a Flower Wall

While step and repeats are a great photo-op, flower walls are one of the biggest trends in event design and create the most impactful, branded photo moment. There are limitless ways to design a floral wall. One of the most important parts of a flower wall is that the name or logo of the brand is creatively incorporated into the design. From here, there are unlimited routes to take when maximizing potential with a flower wall. One of our favorite ways is to transport guests to a whole new world and make it tropical!


photo credit: B Floral

Add a Swing

Nothing will grab guests’ attention more than an interactive photo moment. Swings pop up at events all the time, due in part to their Instagrammable appeal. Turn a basic swing into a focal point of a space by incorporating flowers, greenery, and other unique elements to take it to the next level. Brands have customized swing installations by adding logos or hashtags to spread brand awareness as guests post photos of the swing. 


photo credit: Kate McReynolds

Balloons are Poppin’

Balloons have transformed from an essential at childhood parties to the foundation of one of a kind Instagrammable moments. Due to the different colors, shapes, and sizes, balloon installations are completely customizable. Arches and free-flowing installs are popular types of balloon installations that are appearing all over Instagram. They make a huge statement and are perfect photo moments. Flowers and greenery are additional elements to add within a balloon installation to elevate it and make it even more photo worthy. 


photo credit: Alicia Henderson

Try an Immersive Experience

Brands are beginning to focus on creating experiences where guests are completely immersed and engaged in heavily stylized environments. Event designers have the task of creating key elements such as installations and activations to envelop guests within the experience. A key way to make this Instagram worthy is by creating an aesthetically beautiful seating area for attendees to pose in while sitting down. With immersive events, such as booths and lounges, there is a non-stop flow of social media engagement. 

photo credit: B Floral

Use Neon to Brighten Feeds

There’s something about neon! Whether neon signs evoke a feeling of nostalgia or the bright, bold colors catch your attention, they’re the perfect addition to a photo moment. Since there are a wide array of colors and fonts to choose from, a brand can create a sign that matches its aesthetic and fits an event’s theme. Whether you decide to use a slogan, hashtag or quote, adding an eye-catching branding element will seamlessly slip in your brand into every image posted to social media.

photo credit: Luke Polihrom


B Floral is an event design company that specializes in branding and is constantly incorporating these elements into events for clients. B Floral believes that an event’s lifespan doesn’t have to be over once the event is! By utilizing a custom floral wall or branded balloon installation, you can achieve maximum shareable content that will live on! Click here to learn more about B Floral.

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