The AllSeated Certified Professional Course

AllSeated Certified Professional

The six-session AllSeated Certified Professional course is designed to give you expert-level knowledge of AllSeated. Each class dives deeply into a different area of AllSeated, enabling you to master all the features. After successfully passing the test at the end of the series, you will receive a certificate of completion proving your AllSeated expertise!

Each session is 45 minutes (30 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of optional question and answer time).

I am excited to have completed the certified professional course. I enjoyed taking the course and learning more about AllSeated to better serve my clients and really make the service during my events “dummy” proof. The reports help me and the venue know how many guests, meals and who is sitting where making it so much easier to serve the guests.
Chezelle Rodriguez Chezelle Dezines
AllSeated has helped me realize that I don't need 15 excel spreadsheets open. One simple and powerful tool such as AllSeated is the work horse I have been looking for!
Ashley RadosavAshley Nicole Events, Inc.
I really appreciate you offering this course. AllSeated has become a staple in my business and my clients are so thrilled when I tell them they have an easy option to build their seating charts and track RSVP's. It is incredibly user friendly and your support staff is the quickest and most efficient I've ever worked with. I'm grateful to have learned all the nitty gritty details and feel like it will only continue to make my business better. Thank you!
Laura SchwandtOwner . Event Manager . Creative Mastermind - Serendipity Events
AllSeated is a game changer in the industry. Their staff’s knowledge and accessibility are amazing. The online planning tool has simplified my life while planning events. So many timesaving steps to ensuring i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Creating floorplans, seating arrangements, a 3D tool, timelines, guest list aggregation, reports and so much more has never been easier. The ability to invite important people to your AllSeated event, will certainly help to ensure a flawless event and allow you to create An Affair To Remember!Once again, thank you!
Marci GuttenbergOwner/President/Invitation Consultant
Honestly, I wasn't sure this class was "for me." I'm definitely the kind of user that has no problem clicking around on all of the menus and trying it out. The information in each and every class was outstanding, and much of it was things that I wouldn't have found "clicking around" on my own. With a very small time commitment, I was able to improve my skills immensely. This course was worth every minute. AllSeated's timelines, floor plans, reports and live check in make my business look more professional than piecemeal reports from other software. You will not regret this course. Rebecca was concise and informative; she obviously valued her student's time and didn't waste a second.
Susan RichardsSincerely Yours Events